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Volunteer in stoolball

Stoolball is a sport run by volunteers, and getting involved can be really rewarding. You could learn a new skill, gain the experience you need to get your next job, build the future of our historic sport while the kids go to school, or stay active and give something back when you retire.

The simple things

Everyone can do the simple things. Put up a poster in your front window, in the local shop or your staff room at work. Put a sticker in your car window. Make sure people have heard of stoolball and know they can join a local team. These ideas and more are on our Promote stoolball and find new players page.

Help your local club

Every club relies on volunteers to keep going. If you can spare a couple of hours each week, or a few days here and there, there are lots of roles you could help out with:

  • become an umpire, and get the best view of every match
  • make the tea, or run the raffle after each match – an important fund-raiser for many clubs
  • become a scorer
  • offer to help or become the club or league secretary, or treasurer, and save time for busy players
  • help to run a tournament – it's a very busy day once a year for everyone at the club, and there are lots of jobs to do, but it can be an essential fund-raiser to keep the club going
  • organise a fund-raiser – a quiz, a jumble sale or a stand at the village fete can help a club stay afloat

Find your nearest team and contact them now.

Volunteer with Stoolball England

Stoolball England is run by volunteers, and we need your help to support and promote the sport. Whether you can offer a few hours to help run a festival, or commit to becoming a coach and inspire children in schools, you can help us to develop and spread stoolball.

Here are just a few of the ways you can help:

  • help us with publicity – we do lots of great work, but we don't always get time to shout about it
  • become a qualified coach – we'll give you all the training you need, and you can help us teach stoolball to children in schools, ensuring the future of the sport
  • help out at a festival – we attend sports festivals like Brighton's TakePART and organise several tournaments for children each year, and need umpires, scorers and other helpers on the day
  • help with our correspondence – we work with a fascinating range of organisations, from clubs, county sports partnerships and Sport England, to equipment manufacturers, Lord's cricket ground, Major League Baseball from the USA, and people interested in stoolball from all around the world.

If they're not your thing don't worry, we have lots more opportunities. Tell us how much time you have, what your interests are and what skills you can offer and we'll find a role for you. If you need training, we'll do our best to provide it. Contact us and volunteer now.