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'Girls Just Wanted To Have Fun' by Andrew Lusted

Stoolball reports in local newspapers 1747 to 1866

Andrew Lusted’s second book about stoolball brings together all reports of stoolball from the hundreds of local newspapers held at the British Library. Together the reports paint a picture of a game played by women, children, or both, as an alternative to cricket. With one exception, the game was only played in Sussex at this time.

It also includes the first formal rules of stoolball, which were agreed at Glynde in 1867.

The book is just 44 pages with a colour cover and costs £4 (plus £1 postage). Only 100 copies have been printed and they are available from Andrew Lusted at Welsted, Glynde, Lewes BN8 6SU. Cheques should be payable to A Lusted who can be contacted on (email address available – please sign in).

Book cover - Girls Just Wanted To Have Fun by Andrew Lusted