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Results tables - how they work

We can work out your league or non-league results table for you automatically. League tables are sorted by points, while non-league tables are listed by team name. It'll save time for your results officer, and encourage more interest in your competition as players watch the season develop.

With a results table that’s updated as soon as each result is published, players come to the website to see not only where their own team stands, but also which matches between other teams are going to be important.

How easy is it?

When you get your fixture list at the start of the season, add all of the matches to the website. If the right teams aren't listed in your league, you can add them. When each match has been played, add the result. It's important that every result gets added, including rearranged matches, otherwise the results table will be wrong.

Although anyone can add matches and results to the website, it works best if your group of teams assigns someone the responsibility for updating the website. This might be your results officer, or the home captain for each match.

For the results table you need only name the winning team for each match. If you add scores too you'll see detailed statistics for every team – see how to add match results. To share this out you may wish to have one person responsible for naming the winner quickly, and another for adding scores when they have time.

Once you've added the result, your results table will be updated straight away.

How are league points awarded?

Most leagues award points like this, but if yours is different you can configure the points awarded in each scenario:

  • 2 points for a win
  • 1 point each for a tie
  • Nothing for a loss
  • 1 point each for a cancelled or abandoned match which is not replayed.

What if a match is cancelled?

If the match will be replayed, set the result to “postponed”. It will be ignored for the results table and no league points will be awarded. If it won't be rearranged set the result to “cancelled” and points will be shared according to the rules you set.

What if there are matches missing?

The results table is only as up-to-date as the results you add. But if you're too busy one week, we'll list the outstanding matches so there's no confusion over whether the table has been updated yet.

The list helps your results officer chase up missing results too.

What if a team withdraws from the season?

If a team withdraws mid-season, you can set the date they withdrew. We'll change the table to move the withdrawn team to the bottom, and all league points won by or against that team will be discounted. See the Mid Sussex Mixed League, 2011 season for an example.

What if we need to award bonus or penalty points?

We can do this for you. Tell us the name of the team, how many points, and the reason and we'll update the table. The reasons for any adjustments will be listed below the table so that everyone can understand why they were made.

Ready to get your results table online?

If you already have access to edit your competition, you can set everything up now. Make sure you're signed in then go to your current season and click "Edit season" to get started.

If you don't yet have access to edit your competition, contact us and with the email address of your account and the name of the competition you need access to.

If you've any suggestions for improving the tables, or you think your league's a little different and won't work, please contact us with the details. We'll do all we can to make it work for you.